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About Us

At RSG, we work with our clients to identify the most effective way of supporting their development through a range of services that include assessments, strategy formulation, individual and team leadership development.

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Our Philosophy

At  RSG, we embody a philosophy centered around authenticity, transparency, and positive psychology leadership, recognizing the profound impact these values have on individuals, teams, and organizations.

Our development model recognizes that each leader has a unique style and set of core values that when leveraged productively can guide the development of their unique leadership brand. Our perspective and methodologies are based on a blend of individual and system’s-oriented leadership models, which supports greater individual, team and organizational awareness.

We bring authenticity, transparency, and a positive psychological approach to development. We believe effective leaders have both a relationship and achievement orientation. Our strength lies in our best-in-class program design, execution and supported by a proven track record and exceptional client experience. 

Authenticity lies at the core of our approach. We encourage leaders and teams to embrace their true selves, recognizing that authenticity breeds trust, fosters meaningful relationships, and cultivates an environment where individuals can thrive. We champion the notion that leaders who embrace their authentic selves inspire others to do the same, leading to heightened engagement, innovation, and overall team effectiveness.

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