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Our Services

At RSG, we work with our clients to identify the most effective way of supporting their development through a range of services that include assessments, strategy formulation, individual and team leadership development.

Programs, Services and Tools that Drive Leadership Excellence

We provide our clients with innovative and sustainable solutions for creating the leadership and cultural changes needed to implement their business strategies. We understand the importance of aligning your people and culture with your business objectives.


We believe organizations need to focus on developing their leadership capability and culture in parallel with the development of an effective business strategy. Organizations with leaders who repeatedly choose to take ownership for the events and results inside and outside of their own individual mandates have higher levels of leadership and team effectiveness.

Our innovative strategies go beyond traditional methods and focus on developing the relationships and behaviours required to bring an organization’s culture and leadership capacity into alignment with the complex strategies and initiatives they are trying to implement.

We partner with our clients to help them clarify objectives and clearly articulate their goals. We join our expertise with our clients’ experience and vision and together we determine an approach and strategy that truly reflects their needs and desired outcomes. We provide all the support and guidance needed during the creation, implementation and management of each engagement. With access to trained practitioners globally we’re able to meet the needs of partners of varying backgrounds, of varying sizes and with varying challenges.


One-on-One Coaching

A personalized and transformative journey designed to enhance your leadership skills and maximize your professional potential and impact.

Through individualized guidance and support, a skilled coach partners with you to explore your unique strengths, address areas of improvement, and develop strategies to overcome challenges.


This collaborative process empowers you to deepen self-awareness, refine your leadership style, and cultivate the necessary skills to inspire and motivate others.


Whether you're an aspiring leader seeking to build a solid foundation or an experienced executive looking to refine your leadership approach, one-on-one coaching provides a confidential and focused space to explore, learn, and grow, ultimately enabling you to reach new heights in your leadership journey.

Team Development

A dynamic and collaborative approach aimed at fostering high-performing, skilled teams.

It involves working with a skilled coach who facilitates the development and growth of the team as a whole. Team coaching goes beyond individual development, focusing on enhancing collective effectiveness, communication, collaboration, and achieving shared goals. Through a combination of assessment, feedback, and targeted interventions, team coaching helps identify strengths, challenges, and opportunities for improvement within the team. The coach acts as a trusted guide, supporting team members in exploring different perspectives, building trust, resolving conflicts, and harnessing the collective intelligence of the group. By fostering a culture of accountability, alignment, and continuous learning, team coaching enables teams to achieve greater synergy, deliver exceptional results, and thrive in today's complex and fast-paced business environment.

Advisory & Mentorship

At its core, the program support is that of a “trusted advisor” across a series of strategic and tactical issues as they arise. This support will help to enhance the success of the Executive and aid in their personal and professional development.

There are two pillars of support, the first is one-on-one coaching with a primary focus on personal presence and in the strengthening and building of deeper relationships and core leadership competencies. The coaching will leverage stylistic strengths, help the leader overcome stylistic limitations, including the understanding of one's personal communication style, learning to discern the styles of others and using communication style strengths for maximum impact. The second pillar of support is senior level advice and counsel across the full range of challenging and sensitive issues that Sr. Leaders deal with. The support provides an “outside-in” perspective and a “sounding board’ to test a Leader’s thinking on difficult challenges, significant and new opportunities, or to support leaders in working through potential alternative solutions to issues that require management, often on a relatively urgent basis. 

Culture Transformation

A strategic and comprehensive process aimed at reshaping the beliefs, values, behaviors, and norms within an organization. Culture transformation involves a deliberate effort to shift the collective mindset and establish a new cultural foundation that aligns with the organization's vision, values, and strategic objectives.


Through a combination of assessments, workshops, interventions, and ongoing support, organizational culture transformation work helps leaders and employees understand the existing culture, identify areas for improvement, and define the desired culture they aspire to create.


This transformative journey involves engaging stakeholders at all levels, fostering open communication, and encouraging a growth mindset to drive positive change. By cultivating a culture of innovation, inclusivity, accountability, and continuous learning, organizations can unlock their full potential, increase employee engagement and satisfaction, and ultimately achieve sustainable success in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.


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