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Meet Our Team

We are a North American based company, with over 25 years of experience. With thousands of coaching, consulting and leading hours, and partnering with leaders and teams across the globe, we understand what is needed to build highly accountable, resilient, positive, socially responsible, leaders, teams and organizations for the future.

Paulo da Silva

Founder and President of Richmond Strategy Group, Paulo da Silva is a consultant, executive coach and educator with over 12 years experience. He is known as an intuitive, and authentic leader.

As an experienced executive coach and entrepreneur, Paulo believes in supporting organizations in developing an integrated and multi-disciplined approach to change. He believes productive, effective and innovative organizations have leaderful teams and individuals with higher levels of relationship and systems intelligence. They’re management teams are self-correcting and their culture is aligned with their strategic priorities and objectives.

Paulo believes in integrating consulting approaches, systems coaching, individual coaching and teaching into the processes and customized programs Richmond delivers to its’ clients. Paulo is both collaborative and advisory in his approach.

Paulo has worked with teams in the corporate, nonprofit and governmental sector both nationally and internationally with companies such as, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, Ceridian, CGI, District of Muskoka, Lexus, Merrill Lynch, Janssen Ortho and Paulo is based in Toronto, Canada.

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Elisa Palombi

Elisa Palombi is an IVEY Certified Executive Coach, and Head of High-Performance Coaching and Development at Richmond Group in Toronto, Canada. Elisa has been a professional coach for over 23 years and is an entrepreneur at heart. With an extensive entrepreneurial, operations and leadership background, and having owned and operated her own coaching practice for over 24 years, she enjoys working with Business Leaders across a variety of industries. Elisa has the experience and knowledge necessary to effectively partner with you to ensure your success.

Her belief is that leadership coaching is about people living an authentic life, both professionally and personally. She is passionate about coaching, and she holds the strength-based approach to leadership coaching in high regard.

Elisa works with professional clients all over the world in support of their business and personal goals. Her clients are in the corporate, nonprofit, and governmental sector both nationally and internationally.

Elisa believes in the integration of consulting approaches, systems coaching, individual coaching, and teaching into the processes and customized programs Richmond designs and delivers to its clients. Elisa is both collaborative and advisory in her approach. The diversity in age, culture, and professions of her clients, some of whom are based primarily, but not exclusively, in the Americas and Europe, give Elisa a unique and global perspective.

Elisa is a certified coach with The Coaches Training Institute: Trained in Organizational Systems Coaching with CRR Global, Certified Strength and Mentor Coach with the TMBC-ADP Company and is a practicing Executive Leadership Coach with the Ivey Academy at the Ivey Business School in London Ontario. Elisa is also a Certified
Leadership Coach with accreditation from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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