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 Excellence & Influence

Leadership excellence and having influence. Exceptional leaders foster meaningful connections, build trust, and nurture collaboration. Leadership excellence begins with a curious spirit, being open to influence, desire for knowledge and self-awareness. We invite leaders to embark on a voyage of discovery, unearthing their unique strengths, values, and purpose. Through introspection and reflection, leaders uncover the hidden facets of their leadership capabilities, unlocking their potential.

Awareness & Accountability

Awareness and accountability, two vital pillars crucial for shaping leaders who make a lasting impact. Leadership excellence begins with a journey of self-discovery, followed by the commitment to take ownership of their actions, decisions, and their intended and unintended impact on others. Leaders that focus on these 2 pillars recognize that their influence extends far beyond their immediate sphere, and therefore, they hold themselves accountable for fostering an environment of integrity, fairness, and ethical conduct across all layers of the business.

Exploration & Discovery

Leadership excellence is a journey. Leadership excellence is an evolutionary journey: a continuous exploration, a perpetual quest for growth, and a discovery of untapped potential. We encourage leaders through the exploration and discovery process, supporting them to reflect and act with the invaluable insights they make, create practical strategies that work in their world, and walk away with a renewed sense of purpose. We support leaders in embracing the transformative journey that will empower them to inspire, influence, and make a lasting impact on the people they touch and the world around them.

Digitize & Demystify

Digital tools with impact that simplify and democratize leadership development. In the fast-paced digital era, the role of leaders has evolved, and so too have the tools at their disposal. Effective digital tools support leaders in the ability to access technology that can amplify a leader's potential and drive organizational success. Simplifying leadership learning allows for a deeper understanding of core principles, enabling leaders to apply them effectively in their daily practice. Digital tools combined with the power of simplicity in leadership learning, fuel a culture of continuous learning and development, transparency, authenticity, and accountability. 

Who we are

At RSG, we're dedicated to present and future leadership and believe that individuals, teams and organizations who thrive, have leadership development embedded in their vision, culture and business strategy.

Our team of professionals are focused on supporting leaders, teams and businesses in owning their leadership brand and impact.



Taking Leadership to New Levels

One-on-One Coaching

A personalized and transformative journey designed to enhance your leadership skills and maximize your professional potential and impact.

Team Development

A dynamic and collaborative approach aimed at fostering high-performing, skilled teams.

Advisory & Mentorship

Enhance the success of the Executive and aid in their personal and professional development.

Culture Transformation

Comprehensive process aimed at reshaping the beliefs, values, behaviors, and norms within an organization.



"I had the privilege of partnering with Elisa and Paulo of the Richmond Group to lead our organizational and culture change program at CGI and Interac, with the goal of creating a high-performance team. The results exceeded my expectations. Their expertise, dedication, and innovative approach were instrumental in transforming our team dynamics and driving exceptional performance. The Richmond Group's guidance and commitment to our success were truly remarkable. I highly recommend their services to any organization seeking to elevate their team to new heights."

Peter Sweers 

CTO/COO Interac Corp



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